Your Login Problems May Be Due To Your
Email Address/Service - Please Read The Following

This applies to all members, especially:

=> Yahoo! Email Users (Yahoo! now blocks all of our emails)
Users of
BoxBe & other Spam Guard email screening services

Per our Terms of Service Agreement you MUST have a valid/functioning email account linked to your W-T account so that you are receiving all of our email communications.

If you do not, and your emails from us are found to be bouncing for any * reason, your account will be deactivated/inaccessible (you won’t be able to login to your W-T account) until you contact us here with a new email address that we can verify that it is receiving our email communications. If your new email address is shown to be receiving all of our emails, then your account will be reactivated.

WAHM-Trade reserves the right to delete repeat offenders’ accounts at any time without further notification as this would be a violation of our Terms of Service.

Traffic Exchanges are not run on a one-way street —
advertising on a TE must travel in both directions
in order for the system to work for everyone.

We cannot and will not make exceptions, our membership is too large to go over our list with a fine tooth comb. If you need a free email account, you can create an account with as they are not currently blocking our email communications.

* This includes: full email inboxes; emails blocked by your ISP, server or any email service/company. It is YOUR responsibility to add the WAHM-Trade email address to screening services such as BoxBe’s acceptable addresses/white lists. W-T will not manually add themselves to these types of services.

If You Believe Your Login Problems Are Not Email Related...

Click here for our Surfing & Navigation Tips page for hints regarding your online experience with WAHM-Trade.